I am Rev. Pamela Dawn-deForest Hancock, and I am an Interfaith Minister, Artist and Healer. My vow is to nourish others’ unique connections to the Divine Web of All Creation through compassion, acceptance, deep-listen, ritual, art & poetry. I bring over twenty years of training, including work I’ve done with leaders from all of the world’s religions, including Sobonfu Somé and Hank Wesselman, PhD., as well as my seminary experience–to help people transform their lives.

My spiritual life is tattooed across my body—telling the story of Gods and Goddesses, totems, familiars, relations, poems, symbols, loves, and the cycles of life, death and rebirth that have crafted me into the being that stands before you today. Inside this artistic landscape I embody my calling as Interfaith Minister, Sacred Circle Shaman, Alchemist, Mystic, Artist, Poet, Ritualist, Herbalist, Gardener, Yogini, Friend, Daughter, Wife, and Step-Mom.

I was born and raised in Southern California where I currently reside with my partner and his children. As a child I found the Divine at the lake near my parents’ cabin. The big pine trees surrounding it were my sacred space—my church. It was there that I began to understand that we are all part of the Divine Web of All Creation. At the age of twelve I sought comprehension of that Web by studying the World’s Religions. While obtaining my B.A. from the University of Redlands, Johnston Center, I delved into Goddess Spirituality, Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism. I moved in and out of different spiritual practices after College—becoming dedicated to the Blue Medicine Buddha, when I became very ill. In 2011 in ritual with the group I led, I heard the call: Nourish others’ understanding of their connection to the Divine Web! So off I went to Starr King School for the Ministry (a Unitarian Universalist Seminary) for my Master’s and the Chaplaincy Institute for Ordination! ​

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