A Visit with the Tattoo Shaman


I recently had the privilege of accompanying one of my dearest friends on her sojourn to our trusted Tattoo Shaman. She had a tattoo designed by the Sacred Tattoo Artist, Jen Shakti, to commemorate a spiritual milestone on her initiate Path. 

Shaman Shakti provides her clients with altar building tools, to create sacred space  at the beginning of a session. This Altared Space is Lisa S. Gentry’s altar from that day. It includes her SELF BOX from her Sacred Circle Alchemy training, inspirational spirit stones, Brigid’s Cross, and tarot cards to create a vortex of energy inviting in the Spirits that were called upon that day.

Do you have a beautiful altar, live in Southern California, and have a story you’d like to share with me?  If so, contact me at pamela@salisspiritus.com. Follow me on Instagram @salisspiritus to see all of my wonderful offerings. 
Until We Meet Again,

Rev. Pamela Dawn

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