The True Essence Mandala Stone is a unique opportunity to give yourself some self-care and inspiration. As a ritual in Stage 3 of Sacred Circle Alchemy, it fits into a larger body of self-reflective knowledge…but anyone can do the following meditation and art creation project with rewarding effects that could last your lifetime. By finding out what your True Essence is, you can live more authentically–coming from who you truly are, rather than your conditioning. 

STEP 1.  Gather up a larger round stone, metallic Sharpies, some scratch paper, a pen and pencil. Perhaps also a clipboard or book to write/draw atop after meditation.

STEP 2.  Find yourself some quiet alone time for 45 minutes.

STEP 3.  Sit down comfortably to meditate with your art supplies and scratch paper at hand.

STEP 4.  Ask to connect with Source in whatever way feels right to you.

STEP 5.  Then ask the Divine: “What is my True Essence?” over and over again until you have all your answers. They will be one-word responses, such as – creative, strong, meek, etc. And they will always be something you consider positive.

STEP 6.  Write down all of the one-word responses in the form of:


Such as –

I am creative

I am strong

I am meek

STEP 7.  Say all of those True Essence Declarations to yourself out-loud in the mirror.

STEP 8.  Then, using your scratch paper, place your stone on top of it and trace it. You can now use this test circle to draw a mock-up of your Mandala.

STEP 9.  Decide what symbol you want to place in the center of your Mandala. Perhaps your astrological sign, or some other shape you hold dear. Draw that at the center of your circle then draw a circle around the shape.

STEP 10.  Make up symbols for your True Essence words. You can make sigils, look around on the Internet for runes, or alchemical symbols, or other shapes that appeal to you.

STEP 11.  Then the easiest way to start is by using your pencil to separate your circle into a pie! Draw as many diagonals as you’d like, to fit the symbols you are using.

STEP 12.  Then draw “petals” to contain the symbols (see pic below), by using many of the “pie” pieces at the center to make very few “petals” and then adding on more as you make your way out toward the rim of the circle.

STEP 13.  Fill in the “petals” with your symbols! And voila! True Essence Mandala Stone.

STEP 14.  Whisper your True Essence Declarations into the Stone before use and then keep your list someplace you can read often.

STEP 15.  You can now use your Stone as a meditative focal point, inspirational touch-stone at work, altar piece, reminder of your awesomeness, or anything else magical.

If you are interested in learning more about Sacred Circle Alchemy, go to

Or the Within the Sacred Circle page at the top, and check out the Alchemy page šŸ™‚ 
I would love to see your True Essence Mandala Stone…so send me pics to

Until We Meet Again – Many Blessings,
Rev. Pamela Dawn

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