This is the altar of Jen Shakti, the revolutionary tattoo artist who has changed the landscape of her art-form by creating a new platform by which to receive body art: Sacred Tattooing. On her site she explains, “It is my great gift to have the vision to take your idea and create a permanent talisman to remember for life.” In her sessions she includes altar building, purification, anointing, invocation of the Spirits she works with, and shamanic music to illuminate your experience. 
Here on her altar she reveals the source of her inspiration, energies with which she is working, totems who help her, her beloved Mesa, and messages from the Divine. It is facing the East in her sanctuary, the place of inspiration and creative thought. She conducts her morning practice there, and it acts as a vortex to attract powerful wisdom to all that she does. 

Do you have an Altar-ed Space in your home that you’d like to have featured on my blog? Please contact me at: to tell me about it.

Until we meet again. 

Many blessings,

Rev. Pamela Dawn

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