Ix Chel Altar  
 Seed Sorting Divination 

  My New Strength

“Today on Spring Equinox, I made a Paradigm shift…I let go…allowed things to unfold in whatever way they must, relaxed into the unknown, lived the flow and did not force anything to happen. I am here. I have arrived at the door of Wisdom and I will step through. I vow to not fall into old patterns…and to swim in the flow.” -Wisdom Book Entry

These Altar-ed Spaces are from today’s Within the Sacred Circle EAST Ritual Workshop. In mystical space the Keepers did a Soul Retrieval and Birthing Ceremony, and spoke to the Divine Midwife about their purpose for this year and their new strength…thank you ladies for coming and doing the work.

I hope this day of equal light and darkness has brought forth your own inner balance. Here’s a meditation suggestion from Within the Sacred Circle: Go within and ask the Divine Archetype of the Midwife to come forth and let you know what your purpose is for 2016. Then ask her what new strength She can bestow upon you to help you fulfill this purpose. See what unfolds.
Until We Meet Again, Many Blessings,

​Rev. Pamela Dawn

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